Monday, October 17, 2011

NaS & Stephen Colbert

I wanted to post this back when this 1st aired but I felt that I wanted to say more, but screw it. This is simply what this blog is pretty much about. Here we have hip hop & the world... of COMEDY. Doing this thru the Blogger app. More than anything, I should make use of it even though Facebook suits this type of thing just fine. its been too long since I've been here, so...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What Happend on Kobol... I Think

I needed to come up with some answers for myself on this corner of the Galacica plot. its one of the main questions i wanted the show to answer in the finale. but since its all on its way to becoming a franchise, then i guess it benefits Ron Moore to fill in the blanks on projects such as "The Plan" and then "Caprica" later on because he wants it all the continue through different shows and other media. okay, here we go...

The humans of Kobol advanced their technology and they end up creating cylons. 12 of the most A.I. advanced cylons wanted to rebel against humanity for their harsh treatment of cylons. humans have already invented the resurrection system and organic generation. the cylons planned to take advantage of these and build a robot army to take over Kobol. they succeeded.

they rule over what survives of the human race and models a new society... over many generations... that resembles our ancient greece. they name themselves the lords of kobol. they keep humans low tech. they dont allow them to pursue science. superstition becomes the new rationale for the humans. the lords split them into tribes, with one lord governing a tribe. with their ability to resurrect, and their control over advanced tech, and also the robot centurian army under their command, humans born over the many centuries easily come to regard their skin job masters as gods.

the lords had sex with their human subjects. it probably began with the kobol lord Zeus. he is the biggest philanderer, just like the mythical character. the other lords may have also had sex with humans, but without producing offspring. but one of them fell in love and it did finally produce a child. then came some other children, probably. these half-breed offspring have the power to project into the minds of others. they can do anything that the lords can do with the addition of having children, which the 12 lords could not do with eachother. they can also resurrect using the same tech that the lords already use. but after some time, and after their population grows through childbirth, resurrection falls out of favor with the community of half-breeds, now known as the 13th tribe.

then something else happened. as we now know that Starbuck became some sort of david bowman-type starchild after "dying" in the meastrom... one of the half-breeds (as i believe Kara to be one) became the very first to cross over the way Starbuck did, transforming into an energy based being. this entity is the cylon god, and its the most powerful thing anyone's ever seen. the cylon god's angels are also half breeds of the 13th tribe that he helped make into energy beings.

the 13th tribe recognized the authority of this new god over the lords of kobol. war broke out over this dramatic shift in power. the 12 tribes of humans didnt fight, as the cylon god intended to keep them out of the conflict. indeed, the 12 tribes understood little of what was going on around them. the war ended quickly with a "cataclysmic" event as it was described in season 1 of the show (though not nuclear, as i interpret it) and it was initiated by the cylon god. resurrection tech got destroyed along with all the records on how to build it. the lord Athena despairs over the loss of paradise and kills herself. the remaining lords capitulate.

the lords agreed to a deal that the 12 human tribes would move to 12 new worlds that the cylon god had found prior. the lords would remain on kobol to live out the rest of their now mortal lives. the cylon god chose Pythia from the 12 tribes to appear as Zeus to her. she recorded his warning for the humans to never return to Kobol. he also communicated the prophesy to her at that time or over time through her use of kamala. on new caprica, he communicated the same way through the oracle Dodona Selloi to the cylon D'anna. through it all, the cylon god never desired to convert the 12 tribes to monotheism. he already had the 13th tribe as his faithful at the time, and would later introduce monotheism to humans on the 2nd earth through the colonials who had lived under Baltar's influence.

my Kobol story doesnt account in any way for the orginal hybrid from Razor. i believe he's a member of the cylon party that bombed the 1st earth into a dead planet. he followed the final five to the 12 colonies and somehow downloaded into the first hybrid of cavil's project. he was all metal before that.

Monday, August 04, 2008


two things happened to me at rock the bells Sunday night: 1) I enjoyed the hell out of it and... 2) I learned quite a bit about the dynamics of large concert venues. the second became as important a factor, along with the first, in my experience where these dynamics may come as common knowledge to regular concert-goers. Rock the Bells was actually my first big hip hop show.

On the whole, it was great. A number of surprise artists came through. The guest who had suprised me the most was the night's biggest, Jay-Z who came out to rhyme with Nas on "Black Republican." Dres came out during the De La Soul performance. Meth & Red did one of the livest sets (maybe it helped when they said "no one performs more live than us" about 4 times). Nas coming in right behind them.

But SUPERNATURAL probably ranks as my favorite performance. On skills ALONE, without aide from stage production save for the microphone in his hand, he ROCKED THE SHIT OUT OF EVRYONE'S BELLS. Having people approach the stage, he asked them to pull out random items and hand them to him so that he can IMPROVISE his rhymes about them. It's called FREESTYLING people, and it's what he does and what makes him so well known and respected in Hip-Hop. Check out his BIO AT WIKI and then his MYSPACE PAGE.

So I arrived with others at around 4:30pm. I wanted to experience the whole thing (it's a noon to midnight event) but getting everyone together became a problem. We got there at the ass-end of the De La set. Throughout the afternoon I noticed how the front portion seating of the Nikon Theater remained about half of its capacity. I looked around at the middle tier seats (where I was) and the top tier. Total, the place stood at about 2/3rds full. Mos Def (with Talib as his suprise guest) finished his set at around 7:30. Meth and Red came on after Mos at 8:00. At that time, Nikon got PACKED.

Obviously, many people don't like to, or can't, spend all day at one of these concerts. These people are concert goers in general, or have attended the Bells event before. In either case, they dont want to show up before 8pm. It's probably a combination of reasons: could be that many artists in the pre-evening hours don't appeal to them, which is VERY sad to even consider someone who listens to rap disrespecting peeps like De La Soul. This may also mean a lack of curiosity for such talented, more underground emcees such as Immortal Technique and Wale. Second, the length of the event turns off people not wanting to sit through it.

The third and most understandable reason for showing up at 8pm eclipses them all and actually breaks into two factors. a) ALL EXITS ARE FINAL - really? My best friend Chris from "Bearing the Monster at a Glimpse" told me that Jones Beach managment gets worried over dudes getting rowdy. I don't even care if it's true due to the fact that... b) THEY OVERPRICE THEIR FOOD. To avoid breaking your wallet at the ampitheater, you would definately eat a good meal before arriving, acquiescing to one item of food and a drink if absolutely neccessary. Nikon Theater would make much more money than they do if they sold their shit for half of those ridiculous prices. This is why I never go to stadiums to watch professional league sports. They make it this way because enough people regularly go to these places and waste money like that.

The place holds about 11.000 people. It seems that if they at least took care of problem 3, subsection A, then Nikon people would've brought it close to full capacity through the day on average. Managment can throw around their concerns over security, yet such concerns bear no precedent. I'll keep my eyes peeled for the next location holding next year's Rock The Bells (as in, hope it's not THIS place). In the meantime, I'll continue looking out for Supernat. If talent equaled weight in the rap game, this guy would make everyone's top ten.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Now That We Have Our Candidates

We the people of the United States aren't fucked because our problems begin with policies. we're fucked because there's enough people voting for or against someone on the basis of a middle name instead of voting for their own interests. god, guns & gays certainly don't number among them, though these people like to pretend that they do.

and i get tired of talking about Bush. i'm sure alot of people do to. everything going wrong as result of the choices made by the Bush administration and the GOP congress they had in their back pocket for 6 years has come to pass because WE THE PEOPLE let it happen. Europe is LAUGHING at us for it.

the mindset in this country has to evolve. the two party political system has to change. i believe it'll take too much time for one president to do it in two terms. or even two presidents over 16 years if the latter carries the ideals of the former.

it's going to take a new generation. we've spoken about the youth vote for many years. certainly since before i could vote and that's been a over decade now. but this primary season has made something clear - Obama turned out the youth vote and we'll likely see that come to fruition in November.

i believe this generation (if not, then THEIR children... real progress usually takes long swaths of time) will become the players who change Washington, bringing about a truer democracy. and history will recognize that it started with Obama. but right now between these two candidates, Obama's our best shot at a better future, however small a distance he'll be able to bring us forward by. i really don't expect a whole lot of the change he's campaigning for. we are really that fucked.

at the end of the day, i really am focused on a truth: gender and race matter in who our president is UNTIL we elect a female or non-white president... AND THEN it won't matter anymore. let's just get over that hurdle and be done with it.

in light of what McCain stands for and what he's willing to do and to keep going as president, this really should make it easy for people to vote for Obama. he's CLEARLY the better candidate. OR if you want to look at it another way... Obama is CLEARLY the lesser of two evils.

Mccain is just getting in the way of our ability to make history and put much of our racial bullshit behind us.

Monday, April 02, 2007

No Bells To Rock

I will miss the concert at randalls island this july. My best friend chris told me about it then tried to phone ticketmaster for the hook up but all he got was the busy signal.

I think he tried to get the tickets online too but nada. I'll try calling tomorrow maybe. The show started selling yesterday. Chris said its already sold out and that it did so in mere hours. I want to call because I never called ticketmaster before. So i'll go in without expectations.